Benefits of the Trapeze for Kids:

  • Upper body strengthening

  • Core stability

  • Motor planning

  • Bilateral coordination

  • Increased vestibular input

  • Rhythm and timing

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Our FUN brain-based aerial yoga classes are beneficial to the brain and body to support physical and emotional growth in ALL children. Our unique classes utilize evidence-based tools to teach social and emotional learning and mindfulness. I incorporate the trapeze, hoop, deep breathing, meditation, and other techniques that help children be calmer, happier, healthier, and more focused  Join us for an aerial yoga class or aerial yoga camp. Or read my book, Mindfulness for Children,  Need more help?  Sign up for an initial assessment.

The Trapeze is a swing with a bar and two chains, ropes or bungees going up each side to a center point to form a triangle, then a single rope goes up to the swing mount. The trapeze can be hung on a single-point or two-point rigging system.

The Trapeze is a fun aerial apparatus that offers many benefits to children.  Our trapeze is extra challenging as the bungee adds an element requiring extra focus and physical strength.

Ways to use the Trapeze in Aerial Yoga

  • Obstacle Course. It makes a wonderful obstacle in an aerial yoga obstacle course.  Kids can swing from obstacle to obstacle, do a flip, or climb to swing position.
  • Do a Short Flow. Kids can make up their own sequence of movements or have them imitate your flow to improve executive functions.