kid's birthday party ideas in prairie village

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas in Prairie Village

Aerial Yoga Private Parties

An exciting celebration for kids unlike any other!

Give Them & Their Friends An Unforgettable Experience


Whether it’s your birthday, get-together, Girl Scout group, or school field trip, an aerial yoga party is a fun, healthy, and mindful way to celebrate!

Imagine your child’s aerial party full of swinging, climbing, and flying yoga style in our beautiful studio for up to 8 of their friends. If you’re searching for children’s birthday party ideas in Prairie Village, Mindful Child aerial yoga parties are unique, FUN, and extremely safe!

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Party Rates

1 hour Party - $225

Signs Your Child May Need Occupational Therapy

1.5 Hour Party - $275

More Than 8 Guests - $25 per child

What to Expect From Your Party


Book & Pay!

Schedule and pay for your child’s party on any of our available Saturdays! Please note that parties will not be considered scheduled until the full payment is made.


Register Friends!

We require that all participants register online to complete their liability waiver. If participants are under 18, then parents must be the ones to fill out their registration.


Have Fun!

Come in on your scheduled day to fly high and have fun! Our instructor and trained assistants will lead the kids through an afternoon of aerial yoga. We can customize the event with our party checklist, from the type of obstacle course, activities, and poses so that each party is their very own!


Customizable Event

We can completely customize children’s birthday parties in Prairie Village based on your child’s preferences. We’ll send you a birthday party checklist for you to choose their activities!


Memorable Experience

Their party will be unlike any other, and it includes a flying photo and a small present from our very own mindfulness store.


A Variety of Activities

Our unique aerial yoga activities make the party nonstop fun from start to finish!

What Parents Are Saying


My daughter visited Aerial Yoga for a Girl Scout Event and Loved It!! She talked about it all the way home and continues to talk about her great experience.

- Veronica W.

I set up an event for my Daisy Girl Scout troop, and it was wonderful. Girls walked in nervous and unsure, and they walked out on cloud nine feeling confident and proud. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish.

- Angie S.

My daughter participated in a Girl Scouts Event and loved it! Great sensory play, added plus - working on strength and flexibility in a different way. The instructor was fantastic!

- Karen M.

Took our Girl Scout Troop to help earn a badge focused on wellness. The girls absolutely loved it and claim it is one of their favorite activities we have done.

- Melissa C.

I have worked with Tracy for the past seven years and have watched her use her skills as a psychologist helping children with autism, anxiety and ADHD. Tracy has worked with early childhood age children with great success. Tracy has also been very successful with older children ranging from elementary school age through high school. Tracy’s creative ways of working with children meet both their sensory and cognitive needs. She is always there to answer questions or make suggestions when a situation arises. Tracy understands the long-term commitment it takes to help children become successful in the world.

- Dr. Thomas K. Lawson, Director of Special Education

My daughter has been going to classes at Mindful Child for about 10 months. She also attends private sessions with Dr. Tracy. She loves going to classes, and also her private sessions. My daughter’s confidence has improved so much, it has been life changing for us. I’m so thankful to have found a wonderful professional, who truly cares about helping children.

- Happy Parent

Dr. Tracy Daniel does an excellent job of teaching children aerial yoga and mindfulness. Tracy takes the utmost care to make sure her facility is clean and safe with properly secured yoga hammocks and a cushioned floor. She makes sure each class is staffed so each child has a helping hand and encouragement when needed. Each group lesson is thought out to provide a variety of activities to stimulate physical and mental growth in each child.

- Parent

I have attended Dr Tracy’s Level 1 and 2 Mindful Child Yoga Teacher Training and they were both phenomenal! The knowledge she brings with how to incorporate mindfulness and yoga with kids and teens is amazing and truly life changing for students and teachers both. She is changing our world one breath and yoga pose at a time! I’m truly grateful for all she has taught me!

- K. Shipley, Physical Therapist

My preschool classroom has been lucky enough to have Tracy Daniel visit multiple times and demonstrate her yoga skills with the children. Each time she has visited, she has brought innovative yoga sequences that are fun and teach body awareness skills to the children and teachers. She has been extremely patient and always explains the moves in simple ways. The children are excited to share what they have learned with their families and they talk about Tracy’s visits for days!

- L. Cramer, Preschool Teacher

Our son, Jack, is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, anxiety and autism for 8 years. Tracy does a great job of incorporating a sensory therapy session with fun yoga poses. Jack started off with a yoga schedule board and has steadily improved his poses and strength to where now he can incorporate yoga into a fun story time flow. She shares her routine with us, so we can continue to work on yoga at home as well. Tracy makes yoga fun for Jack and he loves working with her every week. Since working with Tracy, Jack’s focus and anxiety have drastically improved. Jack’s school has even started incorporating yoga into their routines, as a result of the improvements they’ve seen in Jack. We highly recommend Tracy’s services!

- Happy Parent

I love that Mindful Child teaches my kids the importance of taking care of their brains along with their bodies. The mindfulness skills they are learning will serve them well throughout their lives.

- Dr. Walsh, Neurologist & Parent

Get Involved With More Aerial Yoga!

Ready for more aerial yoga after their fun-filled party? Use our Program Match Tool to see which of our offerings may be best for your child!

Program Match Tool

Helpful Tips

What should the children wear to their party?

We ask that the children wear a fitted shirt that covers their underarms and shoulders and comfortable yoga or sweat pants that cover their knees. Do not wear clothes that have zippers or snaps. Participants will need to remove shoes and all jewelry. We look forward to hanging out with you on this special occasion!

Can parents be in the room during their party?

For liability reasons, we ask that parents remain outside the studio space—but you can watch through our live video feed in the reception area!

What should we bring to their party?

We ask that you bring a water bottle for each child to keep the kids hydrated!

Our Policies

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Mindful Child Wellness has a NO refund policy and will reschedule if given 2-weeks or more notice. Availability is limited at our studio, so we hope that families & friends can remain committed to their party booking.

Behavioral Expectations

Participants in aerial yoga parties and classes are expected to adhere to the following character traits:

  1. Be mindful of yourself and those around you.
  2. Be kind and respectful to yourself, to others in the classroom, and to the instructors.
  3. Be willing to try, learn, and create new things each class.
  4. Follow safety instructions.
  5. Stay on task during activities class lessons.
  6. Avoid distracting others during meditation/relaxation.

Mindful Child Aerial Yoga reserves the right to remove or transfer a child who is unable to meet the above expectations to ensure safety of all children and to honor the time and practice of all registered.

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