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Every child needs engaging interaction that stimulates both their mind and their body.

Mindful Child Wellness & Aerial Yoga bridges the gap between traditional therapies and children’s need for play with therapeutic aerial yoga! Our practices are based on neurological research to help children breathe, move, and, above all, be mindful.

Dr. Tracy L. Daniel has over twenty years of psychology experience that she has channeled into Mindful Child Wellness in an effort to support child development through play. As the author of a book about mindfulness for children and an avid explorer of the relationship between physical, mental, and emotional health, Dr. Tracy strives daily to bring modern, innovative concepts from child development psychology into the the exciting world of aerial yoga in Prairie Village.

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If you’re not sure if aerial yoga in Prairie Village is right for your child, sign up for a $15 trial class. Though be prepared, kids love our high-flying style of yoga and mindfulness so much that they’ll want to come back for more!

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Regular movement is crucial for children’s development.  A consistent movement practice can build brain development, mental health, and overall well-being. Movement stimulates brain growth, which enhances cognitive and motor skills.  It also builds resilience and confidence. Physical activities such as kid’s aerial yoga also significantly impact children’s emotional and mental health by reducing stress and anxiety, while promoting happiness and self-esteem.

Why is Kid’s Aerial Yoga Important?

Brain Plasticity

Movement promotes neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the brain to form new neural connections and rewire itself. By improving neuroplasticity we improve our ability to learn and master new skills and movements.

Improves Executive Functions

A consistent kid’s aerial yoga practice can improve children’s memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. The guided activities at Mindful Child are designed to help your child develop these critical cognitive skills.

Enhance Motor Skills

Kid’s aerial yoga activities help children develop fine and gross motor skills and bilateral coordination. These fine motor skills are important for academic skills such as writing and copying from the board. Gross motor develops strength and flexibility, which will help children play sports.

Promotes Mental and Emotional Health

Aerial yoga and mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps improve mood and self-regulation. The ability to process experiences and emotions in healthy ways begins to develop in children at an early age. Children benefit immensely from practicing mindfulness and aerial yoga in their early years.

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We only employ mindfulness practices proven by years of psychological research to foster happier, healthier, stress-free kids!

Taught By Professionals

Our team is made up of licensed psychologists, occupational therapists, instructors, and doctoral students for aerial yoga founded in medical expertise.

Safe & Fun Environment

We keep our classes small for attentive, enriching instruction in a safe studio space made just for kid’s aerial yoga.

Hear It From Parents

I have worked with Tracy for the past seven years and have watched her use her skills as a psychologist helping children with autism, anxiety and ADHD. Tracy has worked with early childhood age children with great success. Tracy has also been very successful with older children ranging from elementary school age through high school. Tracy’s creative ways of working with children meet both their sensory and cognitive needs. She is always there to answer questions or make suggestions when a situation arises. Tracy understands the long-term commitment it takes to help children become successful in the world.

- Dr. Thomas K. Lawson, Director of Special Education

My daughter has been going to classes at Mindful Child for about 10 months. She also attends private sessions with Dr. Tracy. She loves going to classes, and also her private sessions. My daughter’s confidence has improved so much, it has been life changing for us. I’m so thankful to have found a wonderful professional, who truly cares about helping children.

- Happy Parent

Dr. Tracy Daniel does an excellent job of teaching children aerial yoga and mindfulness. Tracy takes the utmost care to make sure her facility is clean and safe with properly secured yoga hammocks and a cushioned floor. She makes sure each class is staffed so each child has a helping hand and encouragement when needed. Each group lesson is thought out to provide a variety of activities to stimulate physical and mental growth in each child.

- Parent

My preschool classroom has been lucky enough to have Tracy Daniel visit multiple times and demonstrate her yoga skills with the children. Each time she has visited, she has brought innovative yoga sequences that are fun and teach body awareness skills to the children and teachers. She has been extremely patient and always explains the moves in simple ways. The children are excited to share what they have learned with their families and they talk about Tracy’s visits for days!

- L. Cramer, Preschool Teacher

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