Frequently Asked Questions About Mindful Child Wellness

Do you allow drop-ins?

We only offer drop-ins at select times throughout the year. If you’d like to try a class sooner, we offer a 30-minute trial class for your child to experience aerial yoga as a beginner!

What will my child learn?

We teach children evidence-based ways to breathe, move, and be mindful to help kids relax and be happy.

I want to buy a hammock for my house. How do I hang it?

To hang a hammock in your house, you will need to hire licensed contractor. The contractor can determine if you have a support structure strong enough to handle the load associated with aerial yoga.

Will insurance pay for my child's aerial yoga classes?

No, insurance can only be used to pay for occupational therapy. Learn more on our insurance information page.

Can I pay for classes with my health savings account?

Yes, if you have a card connected to your health savings account.

Can I pay for classes with cash or check?

Yes, you can pay for the full amount of the session with cash or a check.

Why are Mindful Child classes more expensive than other yoga classes?

Mindful Child is one of only a handful of aerial yoga studios in the world whose classes are taught by a doctoral-level health psychologist. The aerial assistants are 4.0 students who have advanced degrees in healthcare. In addition to being highly qualified, we incorporate mindfulness and sensory integration strategies into their aerial yoga instruction. Our unique classes utilize evidence-based tools to teach social and emotional learning and growth mindsets.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, payment plans are available for camps, classes, and teacher training. You may pay a deposit and enroll in an autopay plan.

My child has special needs. Can they attend class?

Yes, our classes are for all children. Please note that there are behavior expectations that must be met to attend classes. These are in place to ensure the safety of all of our students. If they do not meet these behavior expectations, then we recommend private classes or occupational therapy to help them grow their behavioral skills. If you’re not sure, the best course of action is to sign up for a trial class so we can guide you to which service is best!

What are the behavioral expectations for aerial yoga classes?

Students are expected to adhere to the following character traits:

  1. Be mindful of yourself and those around you.
  2. Be kind and respectful to yourself, to others in the classroom, and to the instructors.
  3. Be willing to try, learn, and create new things each class.
  4. Follow safety instructions.
  5. Stay on task during class lessons.
  6. Avoid distracting others during meditation/relaxation.

If a child is unable to meet these expectations in a group setting, you have the option of enrolling in private sessions in preparation for group work or enrolling in the support program for an additional $180/semester, which assigns an additional helper to support your child’s individual needs in class. Mindful Child Aerial Yoga reserves the right to remove or transfer a child that is unable to meet the above expectations to ensure safety of all children and to honor the time and practice of all enrolled.

How do I know if my child needs occupational therapy?

It may be difficult for parents to know if their child will benefit from occupational therapy. We recommend using our Program Match Tool for a recommendation from our staff or booking an initial assessment for occupational therapy.

Can I come in the studio and watch the class?

No, due to liability issues we cannot have parents or siblings in the studio during sessions. We have a live video feed that parents may watch in the reception area. On the last day of our aerial classes sessions, we prepare a 10-minute presentation by students in which parents may enter the studio and watch a short aerial presentation.

Are there make-up classes?

Mindful Child Aerial Yoga does NOT offer make-up classes. It is highly encouraged that students attend all classes. However, we keep classes small enough so that we can always catch kids up if they have missed a class.

Can I cancel after I've registered for a session?

Mindful Child Aerial Yoga has a NO refund policy. Your child’s registration holds a spot in our classes/camps/private sessions with limited space/hammocks. Deposits are always non-refundable, as they pay for registration, supplies, and payroll. Once you register for a program, we commit to supporting your child through the entire semester, and we want our families to return that commitment

What days are camps in session?

Camps meet from 1:30-4:00, Monday through Thursday.

Can I bring a snack to camp?

Due to allergies, we ask that parents do not bring in any food. We provide a mindful eating snack.

Do you offer aerial yoga classes for adults?

On occasion, we may have special events or workshops for adult aerial yoga. The only aerial yoga classes for adults we frequently offer are during our mother-daughter mini-series. Other than that, adults can book private lessons if desired!

What should my child wear to aerial yoga?

Children should wear comfortable clothing that covers their knees to protect their skin as they move in the hammock. We recommend yoga pants, cotton pants, or leggings. They should also not wear clothing with buckles, snaps, or zips so that it doesn’t catch on the fabric.

What should my child bring to aerial yoga?

Children only need to bring a water bottle to their aerial yoga class!

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