What are Yoga Cards?

Yoga cards include yoga poses such as forward bends, back bends, partner poses, balance poses, mindfulness, visualizations and breathing. They offer children step-by-step instructions with pictures that make yoga easy for children from preschool to high school.

Yoga Cards

3 Ways to Use Yoga Cards in Kid’s Aerial Yoga

  • Make it a game. 
    • Hide and Seek. Hide the yoga cards and have children find them.  When they find a card have them practice it on the ground and then try to make the shape in their aerial hammock.
    • Musical Hammocks. Place the yoga cards under each aerial hammock.  Play music when the music stops, children must go to the aerial hammock closest to them and do the pose on the yoga card.
  • Make a sequence. Lay the yoga cards out in a line to create a sequence of yoga poses. Allow kids to create their own sequences/flows to enhance creativity.
  • Add them to an Obstacle Course. Place the yoga card on yoga mats, rockers, or squishy tiles through out your obstacle course to encourage pose review and practice.  It is also a great way to help children engage in the course and not rush through it.
Yoga Cards


At Mindful Child we use and sell IMYOGI cards. They are hand illustrated inclusive yoga cards for kids. Yoga is a great mindful activity for the little ones, helping to increase self confidence, body awareness and mindfulness. The IMYOGI deck contain 30 cards, split into 6 categories. It also includes simple steps to guide you correctly and safely into the pose, along with the name of the animal and its habitat, a fun way to combine learning about yoga and nature.

Join us for Teacher Training to Learn More Ways to use Yoga Cards in Kid’s Aerial Yoga

Our FUN brain-based aerial yoga classes are beneficial to the brain and body to support physical and emotional growth in ALL children. Our unique classes utilize evidence-based tools to teach social and emotional learning and mindfulness. I incorporate IMYOGA yoga cards, deep breathing, meditation, and other techniques that help children be calmer, happier, healthier, and more focused.  Join us for an aerial yoga class or aerial yoga camp. Or read my book, Mindfulness for Children,  Need more help for your child?  Sign up for an initial assessment. Want to learn more ways to teach yoga?  Join us for a kid’s yoga teacher training! We have both online and live trainings.