Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Mindful Child Aerial Yoga offers kids yoga teacher training in the summer. This training will meet in person at our facility, where you can immerse yourself in kids’ yoga and mindfulness education while cultivating new friendships and connecting with like-minded professionals. Attend one training level or all levels to complete the 95-hour children’s yoga specialty. Each training is open for individual registration allowing the flexibility to attend just a couple of days of training or stay for the entire program. 

Yoga teacher training in Kansas City has many benefits including: 
  • Deepening your personal practices and mediation 
  • Helping you and your students to embrace change and balance 
  • Connecting with your students on a different level 
  • Experience a lifetime of spiritual balance  
  • Teach your students to creatively think  
  • Make a different connection with your students  
  • Problem solves on a new level 

Kids yoga teacher training is much more than poses. It is a teaching based on improving the health of the whole child. This training is a “how-to-guide” to teaching yoga philosophy to children. The major foundational principles of the logic lifestyle will be discussed as we support healthy living and social-emotional learning. 

 Benefits of Yoga in the Classroom 

Individuals will receive valuable training as well as a Mindful Child instructor manual, lesson plans, and access to a community Facebook Group for continued sharing of resources, advice, and support. What will you do with all your newfound kids yoga teacher training? If you are a classroom teacher, take it back to school with you.  Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training in Kansas City encourages using yoga in the classroom every day, especially with younger students. There are many reasons to use yoga in the academic classroom but here are a few reasons to take everything you learned from your kids yoga teacher training this summer and add it to your school day. 

  • Yoga provides students with ways to deal with daily stress. 
  • Yoga encourages relaxing, meditating, and the easing of fearfulness and dread. 
  • Yoga improves cognitive functions therefore improving grades, memory, and clarity.  
  • Yoga encourages teamwork in the classroom.  
  • Yoga encourages improved balance, coordination, and movement. 
  • Yoga has also been shown to calm antsy behaviors in the most hyperactive children. 

Special Education teachers are encouraged to explore the new aerial yoga teacher training program in Kansas City. While this program has benefits for all children, it is especially fantastic for the special needs population.  

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

 Mindful Child Aerial Yoga is your road to child wellness. Our unique kids aerial yoga classes in Kansas City, literally lift your child’s spirits off the ground through various techniques. We also offer groundbreaking yoga teacher training in Kansas City, which can benefit many children. Classroom teachers are encouraged to register for online training here 

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

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Wanna party a little differently this year? Mindful child will have you flying! Wait, WHAT? Yes! You’ll swing high above your pals in this one-of-a-kind kids birthday party in Kansas City. You’ll even have a picture to show your pals online!  Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Soaring Summer Camps!  We are flipping out over our various kids summer camps in Kansas City! From Harry Potter to Acrobats, our staff at Mindful Child combines yoga posing with muggles and an actual Quidditch game! What more could you want?! 

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