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Occupational Therapy for Children in Prairie Village

Meeting Children’s Needs With Occupational Therapy

Help them make the most of their developmental years!

Fun Tools & Techniques to Engage Their Body & Brain


Occupational therapy for children in Prairie Village with special needs is an instrumental method for regulating stress and developing motor skills.

Our licensed therapists work one-on-one with children using therapeutic props and activities to reduce anxiety, provide sensory input, and support their physical and emotional growth. Our goal for occupational therapy is that kids learn the necessary motor and behavioral skills to graduate from their therapy with “flying” colors into aerial yoga!

What we Offer

occupational therapy for kids

Aerial Hammock

Reflex Integration

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Sensory Regulation


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

What to Expect From

Occupational Therapy


Find Your Fit

It may be hard to tell whether or not your child needs occupational therapy. We recommend using our Program Match Tool and selecting options based on what your child is experiencing. From there, we can let you know if our occupational therapy for children in Prairie Village will be right for them!


Attend Occupational Therapy

Once you’ve signed your child up for occupational therapy, they attend weekly sessions with our therapists. Our evidence-based play approach addresses a variety of concerns and conditions, including autism, anxiety, motor delays, ADD/ADHD, developmental delays, and neurological conditions.


See the Difference

Over the coming weeks, you’ll notice a difference in the way your child interacts and regulates their emotions. Their skills will continue to develop with time, which is why we recommend keeping up with occupational therapy during their developmental years.

Book an Assessment with Insurance

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Licensed Therapists

The staff at Mindful Child Wellness includes licensed therapists with specialized training in pediatric movement and mindfulness.


Integrative Approach

We believe in an integrative, health-based approach, which combines neuro-sensory motor techniques with psychology, behavioral nutrition, cognitive behavioral therapy, and relaxation training.



We use therapy protocols backed by clinical research to enhance executive functioning and build happiness, resilience, and healthy habits for life!

What Parents Are Saying


My daughter visited Aerial Yoga for a Girl Scout Event and Loved It!! She talked about it all the way home and continues to talk about her great experience.

- Veronica W.

I set up an event for my Daisy Girl Scout troop, and it was wonderful. Girls walked in nervous and unsure, and they walked out on cloud nine feeling confident and proud. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish.

- Angie S.

My daughter participated in a Girl Scouts Event and loved it! Great sensory play, added plus - working on strength and flexibility in a different way. The instructor was fantastic!

- Karen M.

Took our Girl Scout Troop to help earn a badge focused on wellness. The girls absolutely loved it and claim it is one of their favorite activities we have done.

- Melissa C.

I have worked with Tracy for the past seven years and have watched her use her skills as a psychologist helping children with autism, anxiety and ADHD. Tracy has worked with early childhood age children with great success. Tracy has also been very successful with older children ranging from elementary school age through high school. Tracy’s creative ways of working with children meet both their sensory and cognitive needs. She is always there to answer questions or make suggestions when a situation arises. Tracy understands the long-term commitment it takes to help children become successful in the world.

- Dr. Thomas K. Lawson, Director of Special Education

My daughter has been going to classes at Mindful Child for about 10 months. She also attends private sessions with Dr. Tracy. She loves going to classes, and also her private sessions. My daughter’s confidence has improved so much, it has been life changing for us. I’m so thankful to have found a wonderful professional, who truly cares about helping children.

- Happy Parent

Dr. Tracy Daniel does an excellent job of teaching children aerial yoga and mindfulness. Tracy takes the utmost care to make sure her facility is clean and safe with properly secured yoga hammocks and a cushioned floor. She makes sure each class is staffed so each child has a helping hand and encouragement when needed. Each group lesson is thought out to provide a variety of activities to stimulate physical and mental growth in each child.

- Parent

I have attended Dr Tracy’s Level 1 and 2 Mindful Child Yoga Teacher Training and they were both phenomenal! The knowledge she brings with how to incorporate mindfulness and yoga with kids and teens is amazing and truly life changing for students and teachers both. She is changing our world one breath and yoga pose at a time! I’m truly grateful for all she has taught me!

- K. Shipley, Physical Therapist

My preschool classroom has been lucky enough to have Tracy Daniel visit multiple times and demonstrate her yoga skills with the children. Each time she has visited, she has brought innovative yoga sequences that are fun and teach body awareness skills to the children and teachers. She has been extremely patient and always explains the moves in simple ways. The children are excited to share what they have learned with their families and they talk about Tracy’s visits for days!

- L. Cramer, Preschool Teacher

Our son, Jack, is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, anxiety and autism for 8 years. Tracy does a great job of incorporating a sensory therapy session with fun yoga poses. Jack started off with a yoga schedule board and has steadily improved his poses and strength to where now he can incorporate yoga into a fun story time flow. She shares her routine with us, so we can continue to work on yoga at home as well. Tracy makes yoga fun for Jack and he loves working with her every week. Since working with Tracy, Jack’s focus and anxiety have drastically improved. Jack’s school has even started incorporating yoga into their routines, as a result of the improvements they’ve seen in Jack. We highly recommend Tracy’s services!

- Happy Parent

I love that Mindful Child teaches my kids the importance of taking care of their brains along with their bodies. The mindfulness skills they are learning will serve them well throughout their lives.

- Dr. Walsh, Neurologist & Parent

Discover If Occupational Therapy Is Your Solution

Many parents aren’t sure if their children’s needs can be addressed in aerial yoga or occupational therapy. Use our Program Match Tool to see which one is best for your child!

Program Match Tool

Helpful Tips

How do I know if my child might need occupational therapy?

If you notice that your child has trouble interacting with others or managing their emotions, or that they might have developmental delays, then occupational therapy may be a good fit for them. However, each child is different, so we recommend using our Program Match Tool or signing up for an initial assessment to see if it’s a good fit.

If my child has special needs, can they enroll in aerial yoga classes, too?

There are certain behavioral objectives that a child has to meet for an aerial yoga class so that every student and staff member can have a safe and beneficial experience. Depending on your child’s special needs, they may have to stay in occupational therapy until their behavior meets the required expectations.

What is the initial assessment process like?

The initial assessment measures problem behaviors, adaptive skills, sensory processing, and executive functioning. Once you book an assessment, we’ll ask you to complete an intake form. Once your form is received and reviewed, we will contact you via e-mail with verification of insurance and move forward with the assessment. It will be a comprehensive evaluation consisting of standardized testing, observations, reflex evaluation, and parent-report measures. A meeting is scheduled afterward for a complete review of our findings.

Our Policies

Insurance Policy

We can bill commercial insurance for occupational therapy for children in Prairie Village. However, we do not take Medicaid or Affordable Care Act insurance.

Payment Policy

We bill our occupational therapy per session. Payment is due at the time of service and is payable by cash, check, or credit card (all major credit cards accepted). You can use a Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Account if your card has a Visa or Mastercard logo. A credit card must be kept on file to secure services, though you may opt to use a different form of payment anytime. If using a card for payment, Mindful Child will run the card on the business day of the appointment with the card on file. Parents are responsible for all services insurance does not pay for.

Cancellation Policy

Mindful Child Wellness has a NO refund policy. It’s important for your child to attend their therapy sessions consistently. We reserve studio space and commit to supporting your child with occupational therapy, and we hope that families can return that commitment.

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