Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City

Covid robbed our kids of a summer a couple of years ago, and we never fully recovered. Kids aerial yoga classes in Kansas City offer a unique spin on your classic summer camp experience. Camp now, more than ever is important to the social growth of your child. Mindful Child Aerial Yoga instructors want to encourage all their campers to become strong, capable, contributing adults.

At a yoga-based kids summer camp in Kansas City, here are some ways it is vital to your child’s growth:


Confident CampersKids yoga classes in Kansas City have always focused on confidence, but the camp experience really focuses on helping kids learn self-talk. Mindful art is involved in some camps, which encourages positive self-awareness as well and mood regulation. All of this will help to develop those confident kids.

Forging FriendshipsHow can you fly high without making a friend or two? Kids aerial yoga classes in Kansas City have a unique take on summer camp from, learning aerial yoga poses to Harry Potter Quidditch game, there is something for everyone. Our kid’s yoga teacher training keeps our yoga camp counselors ready to help your kids become new aerial yoga enthusiasts.

Kansas City Summer Camps teach life skills- Spending time with your peers instead of your parents helps you learn to communicate more effectively.  Mindful Child Aerial Yoga is a wonderful life skill that will help you deal with stress through breathing and positive thinking throughout the rest of your life.

Electronics are on a break- Screen time is the battle of the century, isn’t it? Kids yoga classes in Kansas City encourage time away from electronics and instead focus on mindfulness and growth.

Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City

Yoga Summer Camp in KC Encourages Mental Health

After finishing summer camp at Mindful Child Aerial Yoga in Kansas City, you will find that yoga is holistic, meaning it supports the whole person. Children are born natural yogis, so let them lead the way. Kids yoga classes in Kansas City can help your child focus their minds and find ways to switch off and calm down, long after the summer camp experience has ended.

Since yoga is non-competitive, it is a confidence booster for someone who feels like they can’t achieve anything.


Mindful Child Aeriel Yoga is your road to child wellness. Our unique kids aerial yoga classes in Kansas City, literally lift your child’s spirits off the ground through various techniques. At Mindful Child, we also offer groundbreaking yoga teacher training in Kansas City, proving that teaching yoga can benefit many children. Classroom teachers are encouraged register for online training here.

The Benefits of Yoga-Based Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City

Wanna party a little differently this year? Mindful child will have you flying… WHAT? Yes! You’ll swing high above your pals in this one-of-a-kind kids birthday party in Kansas City. You’ll even have a picture to show your pals online!

The Benefits of Yoga-Based Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City

Soaring Summer Camps!  We are flipping out over the kids summer camps in Kansas City! From Harry Potter to Acrobats, the Mindful Child has you and partner yoga posing with muggles and an actual Quidditch game? What are you waiting for?

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