Kids Therapy Play Based


Prone Poses are belly down aerial yoga poses that add strength and flexibility to your back. Prone Poses are typically backbends, which are accessible to most children, but younger children will struggle to hold them for longer periods of time. The more fun you make the pose the longer children will stay in them. However, when needed allow them to take a break in Fish Pose and then return to flying when they are rested.

Super Kid Pose

This prone pose strengthens the core and back body through extension of the spine. It provides sensory input and integrates spinal reflexes. Like when infants spend time on their tummy, this pose can be hard to maintain.  Making it a game will help increase the time kids spend in this therapeutic pose!


  • Builds strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Increases body awareness and motor planning
  • Improves attention and focus
  • Enhances sensory integration
  • Decreases negative self-belief
  • Integrates reflexes
  • Promotes planning and organization

What to Say

  1. Swoosh out the hammock.
  2. Grab the opposite end and make sure the fabric is spread out.
  3. Put one knee in and climb into the fabric.
  4. Lay on your belly.
  5. Take your arms and head out.
  6. Push off the ground with your arms, take your arms out in front of you.
  7. FLY like a superhero!

Games to Play in Super Kid Pose

  • Skee-Ball. This game is a fun, but challenging target game when played on the ground. Adding the hammock and movement increases the challenge. Mindfully aim to bounce the ball into one of the score hoops
  • Tic-Tac-Toe. A fun twist on a classic game. Using a giant tic-tac-toe board is a must.  The larger board and pieces make it easy to toss and place the x’s and o’s as children swing back and forth.
  • Bungee. The Bungee is shown above. It is a prop from Bear Paw Creek Stretchy Band, which we call Bungee.  The kids enjoy doing partner poses with it.  They can pull it, hi-five each other, or do circles.
  • Catch. Have one child on the ground and one in the hammock. After they have tossed the ball to each other a few times have them trade places.

Encouraging children to play games in Super Kid Pose will help them build strength, flexibility, and much more.  Want to learn more ways to encourage strength and mobility while having fun? Sign up for our teacher training, a kid’s class, or schedule your child for a therapy appointment.