Aerial Yoga Poses for Kids

Aerial Yoga Poses for Kids

Aerial Yoga Poses for KidsWhat are Aerial Yoga Poses for Kids?

Aerial yoga is a type of yoga that uses an aerial hammock to perform yoga poses. The aerial hammock  is suspended from the ceiling by one-point or two-points.

Yoga balances the parasympathetic nervous system through deep breathing and improving vagal tone.  Aerial yoga poses for kids add to the benefits of traditional yoga with each pose offering a variety of benefits. There are many different aerial yoga poses for kids such as backbends, standing, and laying in the aerial hammock, but their favorite aerial poses are the upside down poses.

Top 3 Upside Down Aerial Yoga Poses for Kids

  • Aerial Yoga Poses for KidsBat Pose. Bat Pose is similar to Plow Pose in traditional yoga. Bat Pose is a beginner pose for children ages 5 and up.  Bat Pose enhances executive function. It strengthens the core and lengthens the spine. Bat Pose is rejuvenating and relaxing. It releases stress and exhaustion.

  • Upside Down Meditating. Upside Down Meditating is the aerial version of Easy Seated Pose, which is a favorite meditating position for kids and adults. Similar to the right side up version, Upside Down Meditating calms and balances the nervous systems. It elongates the spine and opens the hips.

  • Monkey Pose. Kid’s love hanging upside down pretending to be Monkeys, which is good because it is a transitional pose for other aerial yoga poses. Monkey pose enhances hand and grip strength while promoting planning and organization,

Want to learn more aerial yoga poses for kids?

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