Crab Pose

What is Crab Pose?

Crab Pose is a reverse table top pose.  The wrists are under the shoulders and face forward, the feet are flat under the knees. Your child uses strength to hold their body in the air.  Crab Pose engages many muscles in the body, making it a strength challenge.

The Benefits of Crab Pose:

  • It opens the heart
  • Stretches the spine, abdomen, and hamstrings
  • Strengthens the core and triceps
  • Boosts energy

Learn More Ways to Build Strength

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Down Dog Pose

Ways to Make Crab Pose Fun

  • Crab Soccer. You will need a couple balloons for this game.  Gather your family or a group of children.  Have everyone sit in a circle and then come into crab pose.  Encourage participants to remain in crab pose as they move around the room.  The object of the game is to keep the balloon in the air while moving like a crab.
  • Crab – Dog.  For this game, gather a group of four or more. One player is chose to be “it.”  All children move like crabs.  If a player is tagged, he must freeze in Down Dog Pose until another player crawls under his Down Dog and releases him.

Why Practice Crab Pose in Aerial Yoga?

Crab Pose is a challenging full body strengthener.  It builds strength in the upper body and core, which are muscles we rely on to lift our bodies.  It is a grounding pose, which means it helps children feel centered, this is important as it adds balance to an aerial yoga practice.