Let it go breath

Learn Breathing Exercises in Aerial Yoga

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Let Stress Go With Let It Go Breath

Let It Go Breath is a breathing exercise that helps children release tension, stress, or any other emotions they want to move past. When breathing is combined with bowing the head, it enhances the centering effects of the breathing exercise.

What are the Benefits?

“Let It Go” Breath is fun, and it releases stress, energizes, and lightens the mood. Folding forward has a calming effect on the brain and nervous system. Reaching and stretching upwards lengthens the spine and is energizing.

What to Say

  • “Let It Go” Breath is a way to let go of something that’s bothering you.
  • Stand up tall in Mountain Pose. Take a big step sideways with one foot. Turn your toes slightly in. Think of something that bothered you that you keep thinking about again and again.
  • Bring your arms up over the head as you take in a big breath through your nose. Breathe in a little more as you reach up for the sky. Let your breath go in a long “haaa.”
  • As you fold forward, let your arms fall between your legs. Let all your worries and thoughts go as you breathe out. Repeat ten times. How do you feel now?