Kid's Aerial Yoga

Age and Developmental Levels for Kid’s Aerial Yoga

For kid’s aerial yoga, the approximate age range for the poses is linked to children’s developmental level. For poses that require climbing, younger children typically do not have the upper body or core strength and stability to do these poses.

Age ranges are a guidance tool, athletes such as gymnasts and dancers will be able to do the poses at a younger age. Additionally, children who play sports will also have increased strength and motor planning skills making the poses more accessible to them at an earlier age.

Children with special needs will need more repetition, modeling and assistance with poses and may learn the poses at an older age than other children. Teaching Air Poses is not advised to children who are not able to control their bodies as it puts them at request for injury. Start with land poses and simple seated poses until children are ready to do higher level activities.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when teaching kid’s aerial yoga:

  1. Choose a a open space with padded flooring. Hammocks need at least a 6-foot diameter.  Flooring needs to be free of nails, wide grooves and should have significant padding.
  2. Choose an area with natural light.  Whenever possible choose a space with windows, the best lighting for kid’s aerial yoga is natural light.
  3. Use props.  A good rule of thumb is use one prop per class.  Once you are done with the prop, make sure to put it away as it will be a distraction if left out.
  4. Keep directions simple. Kid’s like to move, they won’t listen to lengthy directions.  Pick key words, use as few words as possible, and use simple language.
  5. Provide lots of movement. Provide gentle movement in poses and games, children enjoy climbing, spinning and swinging. Provide as much purposeful movement as you can to keep kids engaged.
Kid's Aerial Yoga

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