What are Grounding Techniques?

Grounding techniques are essentially mindfulness techniques.  They work by “grounding “you in the present moment.  Grounding techniques help children to distance themselves from difficult emotions.  When your child experiences a negative event or memory, it can active the “fight or flight” response.  This response is meant to protect you from danger by allowing you to fight or flee the dangerous event, since memories are not an inherent danger, the response does not need to present itself, but it does as your brain doesn’t know it’s just a memory.  Grounding techniques can help your child self-regulate, by returning to the present moment.

Grounding Techniques

Want to Learn More About Grounding Techniques?

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Grounding Exercises

Mindful Check-In

This is a common grounding (mindfulness) technique. It helps your child to be in the moment by reconnecting to all five senses.

The mindful check-in is a quick grounding and coping skills exercise. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom.

10 – Take 10 breaths in Child’s Pose

9 – Tighten your hands to fists, count to 9, relax

8 – Name 8 things that are YELLOW in this room

7 – Balance in Tree Pose for 7 breaths, each leg.

6 – Name 6 things that are square in this room

5 – Take 5 deep breaths in Down Dog

4 – Name 4 things that make you feel calm.

3 – In Forward Fold, name 3 sounds you hear.

2 – Name 2 people you are grateful for.

1 – Take 1 Elevator Breath. Notice how you feel.