Spider Rings are the perfect kid’s yoga prop for Halloween! They can be found online at Amazon or anywhere that sells Halloween party supplies. The best part is they are inexpensive, colorful, lightweight, and have endless creative uses…

Here are a few of my favorite spider ring activities:

  • Spider Races: Lay on your belly with a straw and a spider.  Use your breath to move the spider across the room to a designated spot such as a spider web.  First one to get their spider home wins!
  • Spider Breath: Place a spider ring on the finger closest to the thumb.  As you trace the spider web print out, breathe in and out through your nose.
  • Spider Poppers: Cup your two hands together, palms up, making a bowl.  Place a spider in the bowl you’ve made. Gently “pop” the spider into the air and flip your hands so the palms are down. Catch the spider with the back of your hands. Then toss the spider again and flip the hands back to the original bowl, palms up, and catch the spider once more. Repeat, keep adding spiders!
  • Spider Toe Toss: Place spiders on a balance beam.  If you don’t have a balance beam, make one with duct tape, a pool noodle, yoga blocks or whatever you have handy.  Near the end of the balance beam make a spider web.  As you walk across the balance beam pick up the spiders with your toes and toss them to their web. How many spiders made it to the web?
  • Flying Spiders: In your aerial hammock, come into Super Kid pose facing your partner.  Place spiders on the floor near the top of your hammock, pick up a spider and toss it to your partner as you swing.  Then have your partner toss it back to you.  With each toss add another spider.  Keep adding until you are unable to catch all the spiders.  How many spiders did you catch?

What are the Benefits?

Spider Breath and Spider Races teach deep breathing, which is calming to the brain and body.  Spider Popper enhances concentration and focus.  Spider Toe Toss and Flying Spiders increase focus, coordination, and motor planning.

In Conclusion…

Using spider rings to teach kid’s yoga and mindfulness is fun and inexpensive.  Kid’s love taking the rings home and practicing spider activities with their families.  Want to learn more ways to use spider rings in kid’s yoga and mindfulness?  Sign up for our Mindful Child Teacher Training – it’s live in February!