Aerial HoopWhat is an Aerial Hoop?

Aerial Hoop is also known as a Lyra.  It is a large round metal ring that is suspended from the ceiling. Hoops can be solid or hollow and are made from steel.  The Aerial Hoop can be wrapped with fabric tape to make it easier for children to grip.

The hoop can be rigged as a single-point or double-point. For kids, we feel the double point is best to start with as there is limited spinning. Getting the right size hoop is important for safety and comfort especially when working with children.

Children can perform tricks, spins, poses and conditioning in it.  Your child can sit, stand, or hang upside down.  It is a fun way to build strength, focus, and flexibility.

Hoop Height

The aerial hoop should be at chest hight.  If it is too high or low it will be hard for your child to mount and dismount. If your child is having trouble mounting at this height, lower it or use a mat underneath. Click HERE to determine how to find the right size hoop.

What are the Benefits of an Aerial Hoop?

The Aerial Hoop is physically and mentally challenging.  It helps children build strength and flexibility. With each class your child will become more confident.  The Aerial Hoop is a full body workout. It strengthens all aspects of the upper body and your child’s core.

The aerial hoop poses and flows build executive functions. Executive function is a term that encompass a range of skills—working memory, perspective taking, decision making, emotional regulation, problem solving, planning, and impulse control. It provides the foundation for all educational and social activities.

Here are few mental health benefits of the aerial hoop for children:

  • Improves attention and focus
  • Decreases negative self-belief
  • Enhances skills that lead to thoughtful decision-making
  • Improves working memory (temporary storage and managing of information to carry out cognitive tasks)
  • Reduces impulsivity

aerial hoopBeginner Poses in the Hoop

  • For young children ages 5-7.  Start simple.  Place the hoop low and let them sit on it like a swing.  Make sure they have a good grip by wrapping their thumbs around the hoop.  Once they are comfortable, your child can practice standing on the bottom bar.
  • Trash Can to Triangle. Begin in Trash Can Pose with hands above your head gripping the hoop.  The bottom of the hoop is under your knees to form Trash Can Pose.  Take your feet to the bottom bar, keep both legs straight and the hips back to form Triangle Pose.

Ways To Learn More Kid’s Aerial…

Want to learn more ways to use the aerial hoop?  Come hang out with us at an aerial yoga class, aerial yoga camp, or book a private session with one of our therapists or aerial instructors.  Don’t live in Kansas City – check out our instagram page.  We post videos and pose pictures featuring the children in our aerial yoga classes and camps.