Children LOVE to play Cranium Cariboo.

Cariboo Yoga is a fantastic way to incorporate visual supports and take your child on an island themed adventure. Experiential play is an enjoyable way for young children to learn different concepts such as ABC’s, numbers, shapes, colors and YOGA.

What is Cariboo?

Cranium Cariboo is a magical treasure hunt game designed especially for young children. Each turn allows children to unlock secret doors, and even discover hidden treasures. The bottom of the box is the game itself, with three chutes along the top that the balls are dropped into and three rows of flip-up panels that are decorated with various colored objects. Players draw cards (or not, they can just pick a panel), match them to a panel, flip up the panel, and hope there is a ball underneath it. Once all six balls are recovered a treasure chest pops open and gameplay can begin anew.

What are the Benefits?

Children learn academic concepts such as matching letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Cariboo is versatile in that therapists or teachers can choose what concepts they want children to learn by easily switching out the cards. Children practice sharing and turn-taking by passing the key with each turn. The visual and tactile components are perfect for children with special needs.

Add a Yoga Twist to it.

  • Choose yoga poses and/or breathing exercises you want your child to learn.
  • Print and cut the poses to fit the Cariboo board.
  • Before starting the game, read a simple social story that describes the rules and the number of breaths each yoga pose will be held. With younger children start with approximately 3-5 breaths per pose, gradually build to 10 breaths.
  • Count the breaths out loud with each pose.
  • Before the child can unlock the door to see if a treasure ball is hidden inside, he must do the pose. While holding the yoga pose, state the name of the pose several times so the name is associated with the pose. For example, if you are in down dog, say statements such as “I’m a happy dog.” or Let’s wag our dog tails.”
  • When your child finds a ball, he places it in the tide pool.  Once all 6 balls are in the tide pool, the treasure chest opens and the game is over.

Good to Know:

  • Rounds of Cariboo Yoga last about 10 to 15 minutes, great for young children’s attention spans.
  • Cranium doesn’t make Cariboo any longer, you’ll need to search for it in thrift stores and online used market places.
  • The game should come with a Cariboo Island game board, six treasure balls, two sets of cards (beginner & advanced), one key, and a treasure chest. The beauty of this game is you can change the cards to whatever you want your child to work on.  At Mindful Child, we have cards for sensory, yoga, breathing, and primitive reflexes.

Once you find Cariboo, your child will love every minute of playing it. Cranium Cariboo is a great way to introduce new concepts or even therapeutic exercises in a play-based manner.  When children play they are more engaged and more apt to benefit from the experience.