Big Bubbles at Mindful Child Camp

Big bubbles are long-lasting giant bubbles that are made with a bubble mix, called the Bubble-Thing, and a special bubble wand.  The wand has two handles with a looped cotton string that soaks up the bubble solution. Bubbles, no matter the size, are a wonderful way to introduce kids to mindfulness and teach resilience.

Here are some of the benefits big bubbles can provide for your child’s well-being:

  • Enhances motor planning. Motor planning is the ability to plan and carry out a motor act in the correct sequence from beginning to end. For instance, mixing up the solution, dipping in the wand, pulling the wand out of the solution, and moving the arms slowly to form the bubble.
  • It’s fun. Everyone loves bubbles, but children are especially fond of them. Incorporating fun enhances the learning process and helps learn the skill faster.
  • Promotes mindfulness. Exploring bubbles with the senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, and hearing) is being mindful.
  • Helps with focus and concentration. For children to make giant bubbles they must move slowly and focus on one thing at a time, or they will pop.
  • Improves resilience. Popping bubbles, tangled strings, dust, and too much wind are bubbles worst enemies and can lead to frustration. If your child takes a deep breath and sticks with the task, the giant bubble reward is completely worth it.
  • Develops visual tracking. Tracking is the ability to control where we aim our eyes.  The control of our eye movements is called oculomotor skills. Visual Tracking skills allow us to follow the formation of  bubbles or a line of print in text.  It is important skill, not only for learning, but for participating in sports as well.

Bubbles are a great family activity that have many developmental benefits. It is one of our favorite camp activities every summer.  Want to learn more ways to enhance social emotional learning?  Sign up for our Mindful Child Teacher Training.