Mindfulness for Children

Introduce your children to the practice of mindfulness so they can learn to reduce stress, regulate behavior and emotions, and develop a positive self-image along the way. 

Mindfulness and meditation are becoming increasingly integrated into everyday life as effective ways to improve both physical and mental health. Make sure the whole family—even the little ones—are embracing the full range of benefits with Mindfulness for Children.

Start your family’s mindfulness practice with these exercises for achieving peace, calm, and positivity. These simple activities will help you and your child get ready for bedtime, calm down after a stressful situation, discuss your feelings in a safe environment, and more. For example, for energetic children, try a short walk or do some easy, calming yoga poses to sharpen focus. With over 150 meditations for different situations, there’s a strategy in Mindfulness for Children fit for every moment and every family.

Mindful Child Aerial Yoga Hammocks – Coming Soon

Our aerial yoga hammocks are made from the best aerial fabric on the market. They are strong, soft, durable, and easy to clean. We certify that the hammocks are strong, breaking at 2,000 pounds of force. Hammock colors and order link coming soon.

The Mindful Child Hammock kit includes everything you need to attach to your overhead point(s).

  • Mindful Child Yoga Hammock (white, turquoise, or jade)
  • 2 Carabiners
  • 2 Choke Loops
  • 1 S-Hook

Please note swivels are not included with our hammock kits. Also, due to many types of overhead environments, Mindful Child does not provide instructions on how to rig your ceiling.  We suggest that you consult with a licensed contractor.  We ship within 3-4 days, but depending on inventory, it can take up to 2 weeks. To pre-order e-mail Online order link coming soon.

Calm Kits – Coming Soon

Kid’s love our chillax center so much we decided to make a kit for parents to use at home. Mindful Child calm kits give you everything you need to create a calming space in your classrooms, homes or therapy setting. Order link coming soon.

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