Aerial Yoga Party

At Mindful Child Aerial Yoga, we do much more than yoga classes for adults and kids. Our facility hosts some of the most fun and entertaining kids summer camps and kids birthday parties in Kansas City. If you, your friends, and your family enjoy spinning, swinging, climbing, and hanging upside down, Mindful Child Aerial Yoga is the perfect place for you. Check out some of the amazing kids summer camps and parties your group can be a part of.

An Unforgettable Birthday Experience

Hang upside down, spin, climb, or have a movie night!

What Happens at an Aerial Yoga Party?

  • Our signature obstacle course to warm participants up and get them ready to fly.

  • 30-45 minutes of aerial yoga instruction to learn how to swing, play, and fly guided by an experienced instructor.

  • 15 minutes of mindfulness stations such as shuffle bubbles & more.

  • A fun flying group photo.

  • Want something a little different? We can customize your child’s party based on their preferences.

Harry Potter Camp

This popular kids summer camp will feature Harry Potter-themed games, including our famous Aerial Quidditch Game! We also offer a Potions class, and Harry Potter-themed art. All children will be sorted into houses where they will learn all about Harry’s growth mindset. Don’t be surprised if your kids don’t want to leave, especially if they are big fans of the Harry Potter books and movies.

Spa Camp

Was it a rough school year for your child? Do they need a way to relax and unwind this summer? Our spa camp is one of the top kids summer camps in Kansas City. It is the perfect way to take a break from school and fully enjoy summer. Your child will engage in fun, play-based activities with a spa theme. During this camp, each child will learn all about self-care while having plenty of time to relax with fellow campers. Other fun activities include aerial yoga, healthy spa-inspired snacks, art, and fun games.

Art Camp

For artistic children, our art camp is the perfect kids summer camp to enjoy. Your child will enjoy numerous activities, including aerial yoga, mindfulness, art, and sensory play. Campers will take part in various art projects that will boost creativity, attention, artistic ability, and self-esteem. Your child will work with finger paints, slime, and many more materials.

Acrobat Camp

If your child is looking for a mini camp this summer in Kansas City that combines flips, tricks, acrobatics, and yoga, the Acrobat Camp is the perfect choice. For safety purposes, we do require that each camper has the necessary aerial yoga experience. This is an intermediate level to advanced level camp for kids ages 8 to 14.

Choose Mindful Child Aerial Yoga for Your Next Gathering

Want a unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday or other special occasions? Mindful Child Aerial Yoga is the perfect facility to host kids birthday parties in Kansas City, as well as field trips, team events, or other gatherings. When you book an event with Mindful Child, you’ll have exclusive use of our beautiful facility for the entire time allotment.

Your gathering can include up to 7 friends, and you’ll enjoy endless swinging, flying, and climbing, all with a yoga emphasis. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will ensure that all members of your party have fun and stay safe during your event. We take pride in providing the most fun and enjoyable events and kids birthday parties in Kansas City.

Contact us today to reserve your spot at one of our camps this summer, or to reserve our facility for your next event