Aerial-Yoga_Img03Flying Tree Pose

Flying Tree Pose is an easy aerial pose that builds focus. The ancient yogis believed that if you can hold Tree Pose with ease, it reflects a balanced emotional state, but I’m not sure if this

What are the Benefits of Flying Tree Pose?

This popular pose enhances children’s focus and concentration. It improves their balance and posture while increasing flexibility and strength. Adding wind or a tornado provides sensory input.

What to Say

  • Let’s be trees! Place your hammock in front of you. Make your hammock skinny like a jump rope.
  • Step up to a standing position in the hammock.
  • Kick left foot back and around the hammock.
  • Place the ball of your left foot and your left heel on the inside of your right leg above or below the knee. Placing it on the knee can cause damage to the knee over time. Look down. You should have made a triangle with your legs!
  • Bring the arm through the center of the hammock so that the shoulder is in front of the hammock.
  • Bring your hands together at your heart center, forming Namaste Hands. Find something that is not moving to gaze at. This helps you to balance.
  • Once you feel steady, grow your branches to the sky. Challenge yourself by looking up or closing your eyes. What do you notice? Are you a steady tree or are your branches a little wobbly?
  • Would you like your tree to blow in the wind or a tornado? (If the child would like wind, swing them gently side-to-side.  If they would like a tornado, spin them gently in a circle one directions and then the other direction.
  • I’m going to stop your wind now.  Take a deep breath in. Let it go.
  • Shake your foot out and become a tree on the other leg. Notice how you feel on this side. Is it different from the first tree? Don’t forget to breathe.

Flying Tree Pose

Mindful Variations

  • Group or Partner Tree
    • For partner Flying Tree Pose, grab a friend’s hands. Face each other.
    • For group Flying Tree, try to grab your neighbor’s hands, see if you can connect the whole room of trees.
  • Meditating Tree
    • Come into Flying Tree Pose, using the arm that is in front of the hammock, bend down and grab the big toe of the leg that is the low branch.
    • While holding the big toe, extend the leg out to the side. Reach the other arm up toward the sky and make the Focus Mudra, say, “OMMMM.”