Aerial Yoga Winter & Summer Camps

Kid’s Aerial Yoga + Mindfulness Camps

Does your child like to spin, swing, climb, and hang upside down? If so, we have the camp for you. Even though each camp has a different theme ALL of our camps include aerial yoga, mindfulness, and mindful art. We also allow time for a healthy mindful eating snack break, games, and our signature “aerial yoga” obstacle course!

Our camp activities are research-backed and brain-based.  We use neuroscience to help children de-stress and get healthy all while having FUN!

The details on hanging out with us!

Our summer camps are for all levels (beginner-advanced). Camps are taught by Dr. Tracy and created to host a small group of children (ages 6.5-12). We allow no more than 11 campers per session. We value getting to know and love each camper, and we custom tailor our skill instruction so that each child is met where they are.

Super Hero/Spring Break Winter Camp

March 16th through March 19th, 2020

Superheroes are amazing! In addition to having super powers and wearing super cool costumes, they are kind, smart, and strong. They always stay calm and know what to do to save the day. In this super camp we will learn to “fly” and do poses to help us build our inner strength and resilience. We will learn Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Batman poses and everyone will get to make up their own superhero pose and create a cape! Click on the “Register Here” button to sign-up.

Ages: 6-12, Time: 10:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M. Cost: $175

Summer Camps

Camp Growth Mindset- June 22nd – 25th

A growth mindset is a belief that intelligence and ability can be developed.  This mindset asserts that with effort and persistence children can grow their cognitive ability. This camp will teach children how to have a growth mindset!  We will incorporate fun play-based activities to teach children about the plasticity of the brain, meaning that they can actually change their brains through grit, practice, and resiliency.

Camp Mindful Art – July 20th-23rd

The activities in this camp will combine aerial yoga, mindfulness, sensory play, and art. Creating mindful art projects boosts creativity, attention, self-esteem, and your child’s artistic ability. We will make edible slime, finger paint, and much more. Mindful art will focus on positive self-talk, emotion & mood regulation, improved self-awareness, and easy everyday art techniques to create more calm.

Camp Chillax – July 27th – 30th

The mindfulness activities in this camp will help your child relax, quickly calming the body and mind to reduce stressful situations and experiences. Teaching children strategies to chillax can be helpful in a variety of situations, from daily stressors at school to difficulty falling asleep at night.

Camp Connection – August 3rd – 6th

This is the perfect camp to attend with your friends! Kids spend too much time on technology and not enough time interacting with others. Social interactions are very important for brain development and emotional well-being. The activities in this camp are about making social connections. We will practice fun aerial yoga partner and group poses to boost social skills, well-being, and emotional intelligence.

Camp Gratitude – August 10th – 12th

Encouraging children to think of things they are grateful for activates the calming part of the brain. Having an “Attitude of Gratitude” can result in higher achievement in school, a more positive attitude, and improved focus. Go gratitude! This camp will integrate gratitude into art projects, breath work, aerial yoga and mindfulness activities to enhance happiness and emotional well-being.

Teaching fun, therapeutic, aerial yoga and mindfulness to children