What Is Bumpy Camel Breath?

Bumpy Camel Breath combines the breath with a Kundalini yoga exercise. Kundalini is a type of yoga that awakens inner energy through breath, movement, and mediation. Kundalini, as practiced and taught by Shakta Khalsa, founder of Radiant Child Yoga, is a fantastic exercise for children of all abilities.


Bumpy Camel Breath stretches and provides mobility to the lower and middle spine. Pretending to ride a bumpy camel is fun for children and helps them to focus on the movement and breath. Bumpy Camel Breath is also good for posture and reverses the effects of too much sitting and hunching over.

What to Say

  • Let’s practice Bumpy Camel Breath! Sit up tall in Easy Seated Pose. Take a deep breath in. Let it go.
  • Bring your hands to your outside ankle. Take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, tuck your chin and curl in.
  • As you breathe in, begin to unwind, rolling your head up slowly, pushing your shoulders back and down, while opening up through your heart. Let your breath out as you curl and roll in. Breathe in, and push your heart open as you open up.
  • As you ride your bumpy camel, notice where you feel a stretch in your body. What does it feel like? Go slow, enjoy your camel ride. Repeat 8 more times. Sit up tall in Easy Seated. Notice the sensations in your body.