Kids Therapy in Kansas City

More and more children are diagnosed every year with a variety of disorders, from autism to ADHD, leaving us in unchartered waters. Mindful Child Aerial Yoga in Kansas City has an evidence-based mindful approach to teaching children a new way to relax. Our teachers help children to breathe, focus, and control their bodies.

Our play based therapy in Kansas City can also help children improve their focus. We can validate thoughts and feelings while giving young people the tools to get to somewhere better. Let’s look at some of the ways to acknowledge difficult feelings and thoughts, working through them in therapy.

Therapeutic Gratitude

Using a mindfulness approach with kids therapy in Kansas City, we practice gratitude. Gratitude practice can show us that even in the most difficult times, we can appreciate the present moment. By breathing in and out and feeling life in your body, we can appreciate life, our surroundings, and our environment. Here are some tips for fostering gratitude in young people:

  • Model it Play based therapy in Kansas City encourages kids to vocalize being grateful for food, nice experiences, and anything else they might be thankful for. Our kids watch us carefully, so be a role model.
  • Encourage it – Be mindful of others and encourage your child to say thank you when given things or when they are appreciative. This can help make gratitude a more natural response than anxiety.
  • Redirect it Play based therapy in Kansas City can help you with this because it requires true care. It is important not to invalidate your child. When a child is having a hard time with anxiety, you must validate their thoughts but show them they still have things to be grateful for—whether that be a favorite treat, activity, or even time with a good friend.Kids Therapy in Kansas City
What Cognitive Areas Can Play Based Therapy in Kansas City Treat?
  • ADHD, including lack of focus, executive functioning, impulsivity, and hyperactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Gifted and Talented Children
  • Highly Sensitive Children
  • Stress Management (children and adults)
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Developmental Delays and Learning Disabilities
    The Benefits of Yoga-Based Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City

Mindful Child Aeriel Yoga is your road to child wellness. Our unique kids aerial yoga classes in Kansas City, literally lift your child’s spirits off the ground through various techniques. At Mindful Child, we also offer groundbreaking yoga teacher training in Kansas City, proving that teaching yoga can benefit many children. Classroom teachers are encouraged to register for online training here.

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The Benefits of Yoga-Based Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City

Soaring Summer Camps! We are flipping out over the kids summer camps in Kansas City! From Harry Potter to Acrobats, Mindful Child has the perfect yoga camp for you. What are you waiting for!?

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