Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City

You’ve read about it. You saw it in the movie. You’ve dreamed about it. Play Quidditch in real life? Is that even possible? It TOTALLY IS! Our Harry Potter themed camp at Mindful Child Aerial Yoga will feature Harry Potter themed games, and aerial yoga poses featuring our famous Aerial Quidditch Game. That’s right, at our kids aerial yoga classes in Kansas City we are down with the muggles. Will you be a wizard or a witch? 

There will be no summer boredom for your child! There will be potions, class offerings, and even Harry Potter themed art. Children will be sorted into houses by the sorting hat and learn all about Harry Potter. Even our relaxation stories will be Hogwarts-based. It’ll be so FUN; your child won’t want camp to end. 

There are so many options for kids 7-12, and many benefits to doing yoga in the summer. 

Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City

 Benefits of Yoga:  

  • Kids love doing things adults can’t. Kids can do amazing pretzel poses adults just cannot do. Kids yoga teacher training shows teachers that yoga poses are supposed to be things our bodies do naturally. Kids have crazy flexibility.  
  • Healthy foundations. Kids love to be getting into the act. They get to pretend to do lots of things in kids aerial yoga classes in Kansas City like play Quidditch, learn tortoise poses, and they get to see the world in a different way through yoga.  
  • Academic Prep. Yoga helps kids concentrate and get centered. Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City
  • Confidence Building. After learning many poses, your kids will want to show off what they learned. After attending a yoga-based kids summer camp in Kansas City they will have learned all sorts of new poses to use regularly.  
  • It helps them relax and chill. Yoga is a known relaxing technique that helps with breathing and regulating. Your child cannot go wrong with learning yoga. Also, yoga teacher training in Kansas City is an excellent place for adults to learn calming techniques as well.  

Enroll in a Kids Summer Camp in Kansas City 

Skip those summer blues. No one wants to hear, “I’m bored” this summer. Sign those wizards up for a summer camp experience they’ll never forget. Remember, there are potion classes and Harry Potter-themed art. Your little seeker will surely find his or her way at this chamber of relaxation. They will learn all the ways Harry Potter has a growth mindset. At Mindful Child Aerial Yoga even our relaxation stories will be Hogwarts-based. 

Mindful Child Aerial Yoga is your road to child wellness. Our unique kids aerial yoga classes in Kansas City, literally lift your child’s spirits off the ground through various techniques. We also offer groundbreaking yoga teacher training in Kansas City to benefit as many children as possible. Classroom teachers are encouraged to register for online training here 


Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City

 Wanna party a little differently this year? Mindful child will have you flying… WHAT? Yes! You’ll swing high above your pals with a one-of-a-kind kids birthday party in Kansas City. You’ll even have a picture to show your pals online! We are flipping out over all of the kids summer camps in Kansas City we offer. From Harry Potter to Acrobats,

Kids Summer Camps in Kansas City

Mindful Child has the perfect camp to fit nearly and child’s personality.  

Give us a call at 913-289-0055 or fill out the online form here for more information.