Dr. Tracy Daniel does an excellent job of teaching children aerial yoga and mindfulness that helps them get and maintain control of their bodies and minds. Her techniques are beneficial to any child ranging from those with no issues to those that have special concerns. Tracy provides a welcoming environment; a gentle, kind manner; and a friendly smile every week. I have seen the most reserved child enter her aerial yoga studio with apprehension and come out of the group class with a smile on their face. In the group classes, the kids are doing fun and innovative activities that help their minds and bodies, and the best part is the kids are having fun. They want to come back every week. Tracy takes the utmost care to make sure her facility is clean and safe with properly secured yoga hammocks and a cushioned floor. She makes sure each class is staffed so each child has a helping hand and encouragement when needed. Each group lesson is thought-out to provide a variety of activities to stimulate physical and mental growth in each child.