Our son, Jack, is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, anxiety and autism for 8 years. Approximately a year ago we started doing private yoga lessons for Jack, hoping to improve his anxiety, as it had gotten out of control. We started with an experienced yoga instructor, however she did not have a special needs background. She did a great job, but after a few months she felt she had taken Jack as far as we could and we sought out Tracy Daniel to continue Jack’s lessons. Tracy does a great job of incorporating a sensory therapy session with fun yoga poses. Jack started off with a yoga schedule board and has steadily improved his poses and strength to where now he can incorporate yoga into a fun story time flow. She shares her routine with us, so we can continue to work on yoga at home as well. Tracy makes yoga fun for Jack and he loves working with her every week. Since working with Tracy, Jack’s focus and anxiety have drastically improved.  Jack’s school has even started incorporating yoga into their routines, as a result of the improvements they’ve seen in Jack.  We highly recommend Tracy’s services!