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Immune Boosting Super Breakfast

For better or worse your child’s brain and overall health is affected by what he eats. To stay healthy and happy your child needs a strong brain and a strong immune system. Science tells us that kids that start their day with a healthy breakfast miss fewer days of school due to illness. If your child starts the day filled with an immune boosting super breakfast their body is full of germ-fighting goodness to help keep them healthy, calm, and focused all day long!

A Super Yummy, Superfood Breakfast Recipe


Mix the yogurt, protein, and honey together. Add in the berries (a variety is better for the brain), and sprinkle Bunches of Crunches on the top. Voilà – in 10 minutes you have made your little one a superfood breakfast that will prime her brain for learning.

What is Bunches of Crunches?

Bunches of Crunches is yummy GRAINola that is filled with superfoods such as amaranth, chia, and millet. The super grains are combined with dark chocolate and sea salt making it amazingly delicious.

Why use Young Living Protein Powder?

Young Living’s protein blend is like no other. The delicious Vanilla Spice and Chocolate blends offer 25 grams of protein and provide essential amino acids for the brain and body. Pure protein complete contains tyrosine, which feeds the focusing chemical messengers (dopamine and norepinephrine). It also contains tryptophan, which feeds serotonin, a calming chemical messenger. Lastly, it contains glutamic acid, which feeds GABA, another important calming neurotransmitter. By adding Young Living pure protein complete to your child’s diet you are supplying them with the perfect blend of alertness and calmness.

In summary, loading your child’s breakfast with super foods may improve grades, enhance attention, and keep your little one healthy. Gluten free, healthy foods are not tasteless, in fact, they are great-tasting if you find the right products. So start your child’s day off with superfoods so they are super ready to learn. Avoid the junk foods – after all you are what you eat…

What’s the Deal with Bone Broth?



Bone broth is a trendy food that is being touted for it’s amazing health benefits.  Chicken soup has been the “go to” meal when your feeling under the weather for ages.  Since sipping broth is nothing new, why all the hype?


Animal parts (bones, ligaments, and tendons) that can’t be eaten are boiled and simmered over several days causing the bones and ligaments to release health compounds such as collagen and glutamine.


Bone broth contains minerals in forms that the body can easily absorb: calcium, magnesium, silicon, sulfur and others.  Bone broths also contain chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, which are sold as expensive supplements to decrease inflammation and joint pain.  This mixture of nutrients can’t be found in other commonly eaten foods.


  • Reduce leaky gut syndrome. Bone broth is a source of collagen, gelatin, glutamine, arginine and proline.  These amino acids and minerals help seal openings in the gut lining, which, in turn, reduce leaky gut syndrome.
  • Improve allergies. Allergies can be a byproduct of leaky gut syndrome.  When the gut is sealed allergies improve.
  • Enhance immune system. Gelatin enhances probiotic balance and growth. Healing amino acids such as arginine are essential for immune system functioning.
  • Boost joint health. Collagen helps to restore cartilage, which diminishes as we age.


I did several exhaustive searches to find scientific evidence of the benefits of bone broth.  Currently, there is limited information to support or refute these health claims. Most of the evidence comes from the studies completed on collagen, gelatin, and the other minerals found in bone broth.  Therefore, it is assumed that since bone broth is high in these minerals and amino acids it is an all encompassing healing elixir.   Research demonstrates bone broth is full of nutrients that enhance the immune system, which means it is highly likely it does have health benefits.  However, these benefits are based on the research for the individual components, which make-up the bone broth, not on the actual bone broth itself.


It is important to buy bone broth from a reputable source. Bone broth should be made from organic grass fed animals.  Bone broth that is bought in stores is not the “real thing” and will most likely not have the healing benefits of homemade bone broth. Stephanie McGuirck, doctor of acupuncture, makes delicious bone broth.  Visit her website, planetacupuncture.com, to learn more.