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The Healing Power of Hot Yoga


What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is yoga performed in a heated room. There are typically two hatha styles associated with hot yoga. One is a flowing series, Vinyasa, and the other is a series of static postures, Bikram.

How is hot yoga healing?

There are multiple healing benefits to practicing hot yoga. As a long distance runner I can attest first hand to the many benefits of hot yoga; however, for this post I’ll just review the top three.

  1.  Injury reduction. In Western society we spend way too much time doing exercises that tighten our muscles such as running or cycling. The heated environment relaxes the muscles, which prepares our body for stretching. As muscles and joints warm, they release, lessening resistance to movement.
  2. Detox. When the body becomes warm, blood flow is increased, which speeds up the metabolic processes of vital organs helping release toxins. Sweat, not only cools us down, but it clears the body of internal toxins.
  3. Strengthens immune system. The body responds to the heat by producing white blood cells, which, in turn, boosts the immune system; aiding in relaxation; and quicker healing of connective tissue injuries and circulatory disease symptoms.

Where can I try hot yoga?

There are multiple studios in the Kansas City area that offer hot yoga. Luckily, I teach both.  EZ hot yoga is an introductory hot yoga class that is heated to 95 degrees. There is limited flowing with an emphasis on holding poses, similar to the Bikram series. I also teach an intermediate class, Hot Vinyasa.   My classes are offered at Exhale Yoga KC in Leawood, Kansas. Come see me! Not hot enough; try a Bikram class, which is heated to 105 degrees. Hot yoga is great cross training.  Additionally, it can provide a much needed refuge from the winter chill; leaving you feeling calm and detoxed.


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Top Five Ways To Have Radiant Skin

concept beauty skin care, face of beautiful girl with splashes and  water

Teenagers have a multitude of things to worry about. Teaching them these simple, healthy habits will reduce stress and improve self-confidence.

  •  Eat fruits and vegetables. Phytonutrients or nutrients derived from plants are important for your body to not only feel great, but look great as well. To have healthy looking skin it is important to get at least 90% of your daily calories from phytonutrient rich plants, especially fruits and vegetables. Busy, and not able to eat a smorgasbord of plants, then consider taking Juice Plus+. Clinical trials have shown Juice Plus+ improves the immune system, cardiovascular system, reduces inflammation, and enhances antioxidant status in the blood.
  • Drink Water. Water is an essential part of remaining healthy. Dehydration can cause skin to become dry, which makes it more prone to wrinkles. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will not only give you radiant skin, but aide in overall health by helping with circulation, absorption and even digestion.
  •  Use a night cream. Why at night? Nighttime is when the body restores itself so what better time to restore the skin. Nerium offers a fantastic night cream that is proven to reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and improve the overall look of your skin.
  • Exercise at least three times per week. When you sweat the body cleanses from the inside. Hot yoga is an OMazing way to gently detox and cleanse your skin. Sweating increases circulation and opens pores; therefore, sugar, salt, alcohol, and other toxins may be eliminated from the body just by attending a heated yoga class or going for a run. Okay, I’m a little biased since I’m a marathon runner and hot yoga instructor. In fairness to other forms of exercise – any vigorous activity that causes you to sweat for 60 minutes or longer is going to help the skin look younger and be a terrific detox.
  •  Get at least 8 hours of sleep. We all know what we look like when we’ve not gotten enough sleep. As stated above the skin repairs, restores, and rebalances at night. Not getting enough sleep can result in tired looking skin. So get those ZZZZ’s.