Therapeutic Services

Aerial Yoga and Mindfulness teach children how to control their bodies, breathe, focus and relax. It is a curriculum for calm.

Today’s child requires coping strategies to deal with stress in this unprecedented time of technology and fast-pace. We have one-on-one sessions available to help children with a variety of needs.  Private sessions are available with a licensed occupational therapist or Dr. Tracy depending on your child’s needs.


Mindfulness + Aerial Yoga, Tracy L. Daniel, Ph.D.

In each one-on-one session, Dr. Tracy introduces progressive relaxation techniques, deep breathing strategies, and calming mental focus activities that teach children stress management out in the world.  Dr. Tracy incorporates aerial yoga postures that are beneficial to the brain and body to improve executive functioning, anxiety, and stress.  These are research-based strategies a child can use anywhere, anytime.

Mindful Aerial Yoga + Reflex Integration, Suzanne Remy, Occupational Therapist

In this one-on-one session, children work with a Mindful Child trained yoga teacher that is a occupational therapist, certified AntiGravity (aerial yoga) instructor, and a certified yoga instructor.  The hammock will be used as a playful prop for improving coordination, fine motor skills, balance, strength, primitive reflexes, sensory needs and self-regulation. This session may be just for fun or with a therapeutic goal in mind.

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All  payments are due at the time of service. Payments need to be made with cash or check for the service amount. Credit cards may only be used with the card on file. Mindful Child will run the card at the end of the business day with the card on file.

At Mindful Child Aerial Yoga, when you make an appointment‚ you are reserving that time for your child’s use alone. We are not like a doctor’s office where we can see multiple patients throughout the day regardless of the day. In contrast, WE ONLY HAVE LIMITED PRIVATE SPACES PER WEEK and these spaces are reserved for our clients that are signed up for private sessions. Your child’s service frequency is determined by what we feel is necessary to meet the established goals. Therefore, if your child is being seen by Mindful Child Aerial Yoga it is because you agreed to a reserved slot. As such‚ Mindful Child Aerial Yoga requires your commitment to pay for any missed or canceled appointments. Appointments may be rescheduled within the same week as the missed appointment if there is availability.


You will not be charged in the following situations: • Cancelled appointment due to Mindful Child Aerial Yoga’s fault. i.e. sick instructor • Inclement weather: Inclement weather for Mindful Child Aerial Yoga is when surrounding schools close due to ice/snow • Mindful Child Aerial Yoga recognized Holiday Schedules: hours/days are posted on the aerial class page• Staff training and continuing education: we will notify you as soon as a training is scheduled.

**Please note we are an aerial yoga + mindfulness studio. We are not a mental health facility or medical practice. While our private sessions and classes provide social and emotional learning that has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity, we are not providing medical or clinical treatment. Thus, we do not take insurance and are not a substitute for medical intervention.

Teaching fun, therapeutic, aerial yoga and mindfulness to children