kids therapy in Kansas City

Parents of children with special needs have tried it all. A million combinations over the years have graced your lives from play based therapy in Kansas City to kids occupational therapy in Kansas City, speech therapy, and all the normal endorsements you’ve heard your friends talk about.

However, behind the scenes, a new alternative kids therapy in Kansas City is growing; new to you, and new to the special needs community. This unique program is starting to find its way to the forefront. Kids aerial yoga classes in Kansas City takes yoga to new heights. Aerial yoga suspends kids a couple of feet above the floor while cradling them.

Kids Aerial Yoga Classes in Kansas City

The advantages of yoga for your mind and body are known to everyone. Play therapists in Kansas City have used it to help people with special needs for many years. The relatively new aerial yoga field adds some different dimensions that are particularly effective in helping increase mindfulness, body recognition, and power.

Kids aerial yoga classes in Kansas City begins just like a regular yoga class, on the floor with a focus exercise. Mindful Child Aerial Yoga offers kids therapy in Kansas City and classes that start with a series of poses bringing attention and mindfulness to one’s movement and breath.


Each student then moves into a special yoga hammock, a flexible sling that hangs from the ceiling that supports the child while doing the yoga poses. For safety purposes, parents are encouraged to assist their special needs child while in the sling.

kids therapy in Kansas City

Kids Therapy in Kansas City

Kids aerial yoga classes offer both sensory and cognitive benefits to anyone taking the classes.

Sensory Benefits Include:

  • Self-Discipline. Reversal or being able to turn upside down is a great tool for self-regulation.
  • Deep Compression. The hammock being above ground provides a calming feature to the nervous system.
  • Body Awareness. The hammock helps with fine motor skills.
  • Sensory Stimulation. Need sensory help? The hammock provides stimulation of all your senses.

Cognitive Benefits Include:

  • Focus. Children must focus on their teacher and poses, or they will fall out of the hammock.
  • Executive Function. Memory function at its highest. Focus and motor planning are important. They must be kept in check to execute moves.
  • Aerial Yoga. Helps children to be mindful of movements and thoughts.
  • Reduced Academic Problems. Each class builds a new pathway in our brain, we are learning a new way of thinking. We are practicing deep emotional learning, literally building networks in the brain.

Kids Therapy in Kansas City

Mindful Child Aerial Yoga is your road to child wellness. Our unique kids aerial yoga classes in Kansas City, literally lift your child’s spirits off the ground through various techniques. We also offer groundbreaking yoga teacher training, so that more instructors can benefit many children. Classroom teachers are encouraged to register for online training here.

Kids Therapy in Kansas City

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