Aerial Yoga Equipment

What is Aerial Yoga Equipment?

Aerial yoga requires climbing grade rigging equipment to hang your aerial hammock from the ceiling. Rigging equipment may consist of carabiners, daisy chains, slings, and swivels.

Aerial Yoga Equipment


Carabiners are a type of aerial yoga equipment used to rig and adjust the height of your hammock.  They come in multiple sizes and shapes.  For aerial classes, using a two-point hammock I prefer using Black Diamond LiteWire Carabiner. It is easy to clip and unclip when you have back-to-back classes that require changing hammock height quickly.  The only con of using this carabiner is if the child spins too much in one direction the carabiner will clip to the other carabiner.  This requires getting on the ladder to unlock it, which can be difficult during a class so you have to monitor spinning closely.

When using a hammock at home or a one-point with a swivel, I prefer the Black Diamond Screwgate Carabiner. This is a locking carabiner. Locking carabiners are great on hammocks that do not need to change height often as they take a little more time to clip, unclip and lock. I don’t recommend auto locking carabiners as they tend to close on your fingers causing bruising.

Daisy Chains

Daisy Chains are variable length tie-offs designed to support body weight. The daisy chains allow for multiple carabiner heights without re-tying knots or moving rig points. They have different measurements and usually have nine different carabiner adjustment options. They are easy to use and very helpful when setting up a hammock which needs easy height adjustment such as in a aerial studio.  Installation is easy if you have a exposed support beam – simply loop each chain around the support.

aerial yoga equipment

Aerial Yoga Accessories

For attachment points greater than 10 feet from the floor, you may want to consider purchasing an extender! If you are hanging your hammock directly from an eyebolt and would like to remove torque forces on the attachment point (recommended for safety), or make for a smoother ride in the hammock and to spin, buy a swivel/rotor (NOTE: swivels lower the hammock height by about 6 inches).

Hang out with us!

Our FUN brain-based aerial yoga classes are beneficial to the brain and body. Our unique classes utilize evidence-based tools to teach social and emotional learning and mindfulness.  We have designed our own Mindful Child hammocks that help children be calmer, happier, healthier, and more focused  We include aerial yoga equipment with our new aerial hammocks.  Join us for an aerial yoga class or aerial yoga camp. Or read my book, Mindfulness for Children,  Need more help?  Sign up for an initial assessment. Want your own hammock? Email us ( for details on buying a Mindful Child hammock.