“Our son, Jack, is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, anxiety and autism for 8 years. Approximately a year ago we started doing private yoga lessons for Jack, hoping to improve his anxiety, as it had gotten out of control. We started with an experienced yoga instructor, however she did not have a special needs background. She did a great job, but after a few months she felt she had taken Jack as far as we could and we sought out Tracy Daniel to continue Jack’s lessons.

Tracy does a great job of incorporating a sensory therapy session with fun yoga poses. Jack started off with a yoga schedule board and has steadily improved his poses and strength to where now he can incorporate yoga into a fun story time flow. She shares her routine with us, so we can continue to work on yoga at home as well. Tracy makes yoga fun for Jack and he loves working with her every week. Since working with Tracy, Jack’s focus and anxiety have drastically improved.  Jack’s school has even started incorporating yoga into their routines, as a result of the improvements they’ve seen in Jack.  We highly recommend Tracy’s services!”


“I have worked with Tracy for the past seven years and have watched her use her skills as a psychologist helping children with autism, anxiety and ADHD. Tracy has worked primarily with early childhood age children (three and four year olds) with great success. Tracy has also been very successful with older children ranging from elementary school age through high school. Tracy’s creative ways of working with children meet both their sensory and cognitive needs. She is always there to answer questions or make suggestions when a situation arises. Tracy understands the long-term commitment it takes to help children become successful in the world.”

—Dr. Thomas K. Lawson, Director of Special Education,
Spring Hill School District, Spring Hill, KS

“Tracy is a very skilled practitioner. She is keenly aware of how the mind and body work together and can implement strategies that are tailored for the needs of her clients. She will strive to further develop her skills so her clients achieve their optimum level of functioning in all areas of development.”

—Deana, Occupational Therapist

“I’ve worked with Tracy for approximately 4 years. She hired me as an Early Child Special Education teacher while she was working as the early childhood coordinator/psychologist. As I started my career, I was lucky enough to have her as my boss and mentor.

Tracy taught be the importance of incorporating yoga and brain gym in my classroom. I saw her teach students how to control their emotions using alternative techniques in her therapy groups. When she took students for therapy, I was able to see their transformation and learned through this experience. I’ve witnessed on numerous occasions her helping children with severe behaviors by teaching them how to control their aggression. She taught me how to incorporate a sensory diet into my student’s daily schedule so they could be ready to learn.

Tracy changed the whole way I look at diet in a child. Her knowledge and research, has helped me become a better teacher when serving snacks in my classroom. Tracy has not only helped me become a better teacher; but she has given me the confidence and knowledge to help others in their classrooms. ”

—Sarah, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

“My preschool classroom has been lucky enough to have Tracy Daniel visit multiple times and demonstrate her yoga skills with the children. Each time she has visited, she has brought innovative yoga sequences that are fun and teach body awareness skills to the children and teachers. She has been extremely patient and always explains the moves in simple ways. The children are excited to share what they have learned with their families and they talk about Tracy’s visits for days!”

—Teacher Hiersteiner Child Development Center

Teaching fun, therapeutic, aerial yoga and mindfulness to children