Our Approach

Mindful Child Aerial Yoga is one of only a handful of aerial yoga studios in the world that incorporate mindfulness, therapeutic tools, and sensory integration strategies into their aerial yoga instruction.

Our unique classes use yoga poses and strategies that science demonstrates as therapeutic to the brain and body. We also make sure our classes are filled with social emotional learning and FUN!

Mindful Child Aerial Yoga helps children:

  • Learn mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and teach stillness of the mind, improving focus and concentration
  • Use deep breathing techniques to aid in self-regulation by calming the nervous system
  • Organize movement to enhance balance, strength, motor planning and working memory
  • Become aware of the mind-body connection to strengthen learning and cognitive functioning

We use research-based health practices to:

  • Encourage the ability to calm the central nervous system
  • Teach coping strategies to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Recognize and respond to movement-based or sensory needs
  • Promote peace, joy and, happiness in all children

Teaching fun, therapeutic, aerial yoga and mindfulness to children